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  Production Equipments Quality Control Instruments
• Cold Forging Screw Heading
• Thread Rolling
• End Cutting
• Lathe
• Milling
• Drilling
• Sorting

• Recess Penetration Gauge
• Torque Wrench Tester
• Go / No Go Gauge
• Thread Ring Gauge / Plug
• Digital Micrometer
• Digital VernierCaliper
• Etc..

  Quality Control


ISO 9001: 2000 Accreditation
(Registration No.: QAIC/SG/197-A)

Quality Policy:
Our Employees Are Dedicated To Produce Highest Quality Products And Excellence At Competitive Prices That Truly Satisfy Customer’s Requirements.

Quality Objectives:
We Are Committed to Meet Company Policy Through
1) To Achieve Delivery Performance > 98% Per Month
2) To Achieve < 3 Written Complaints Per Year



Quality Control Instruments:

• Recess Penetration Gauge, Torque Wrench Tester, Go / No Go Gauge,    Thread Ring Gauge / Plug, Digital Micrometer, Digital VernierCaliper Etc..

RoHS Compliance of Plating And Materials:
• Compliance To RoHS Directive
• Via Supplier / Subcon’s Mill Cert, Plating Report or Independent Lab Testing    Report.
• Regular Communication With Suppliers / Subcons